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Honorable military veterans share a common bond of experience and memories from having served their country that civilians have a difficult time relating to. That bond generally transcends all branches of service, uniforms, and even rank.

Regardless of whether their service was in a combat zone, or not, you really “had-to-be-there” to fully appreciate the impact and lasting impression military service has on a person. And in that regard Army veteran NCO SGT E-5 Richard Erschik is spearheading a unique concept of volunteer visitation with aging peers for friendly conversation and camaraderie. No strings attached. No hidden agenda. No charge.

Inspired by his participation in the organization of a recent military related event that assembled, recognized, and honored nearly 40 WWII veterans, that are now in their late 80’s and 90’s, Army SGT Erschik saw the faces of these often unsung heroes beam with smiles and delight from his simple and yet obviously relatable comments and conversation.

He reminded them of things like the chow-line, mess hall, motor-pool, getting stuck with pots-n-pans on KP duty, a deuce-n-a-half, making “the-man” at guard duty inspection, 3-day passes, reveille, spit shined boots, starched fatigues, the Gideon bearer, foot lockers and surprise white-glove inspections. All of which were an integral part of what was clearly some of the most memorable years of their lives.

To arrange to have SGT Erschik visit your veteran loved one, in the hospital, assisted care facility, at a special occasion*, or in their private residence while they can appreciate it, you can contact him via the Contact Us page on this website.

*Including funeral home visitation. But only to have (pre-written) military history acknowledged and read to attendees. No graveside service. No flag folding. Contact your local VFW or American Legion for full military recognition and presentation.

NEW – In addition to “PERSONAL” visitation, “SUBMITTED” entries are now also accepted.  Reference the Veterans Visited tab on this website and click on one of the veteran’s pictures for ideas. Then e-mail us a clean/clear photograph along with a 300-400 word write-up about the veteran. Allow approximately 2-3 weeks for your listing to appear with your understanding that we reserve the right to edit and/or refuse listings that don’t meet acceptable criteria.