This page displays Veterans that have been visited by a veteran visitor. Click their photo for more information about them.

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MannyChavez-100Manuel J. Chavez, Lt. Col. USAF Retired
He was born on Nov 8, 1918 in the small town of Las Cruzes Mexico and self-describes himself as a chamaco, or local boy, “Manuelito.” (Click his pic for more information.)

RuthFleisher-100Ruth Shafer Fleisher – Women Airforce Service Pilots
Born in Rochester, NY she knew she wanted to fly planes as soon as she was old enough to walk. (Click her pic for more information)

OwensThomas100Owens (OB) Thomas – U.S. Navy
He was born 18 June 1925 and served his country from 1943-1946. He actually joined the Navy the day after his 18th birthday (Click his pic for more information)

CarlNucilli-100Carl Nucilli – U.S. Coast Guard and Navy
He was born 30 Aug 1928 in Alkins, WV and served his country for 29 years. His father did not want him to join at 17. The rest is history. (Click his pic for more information)

DonFecteau-100Donald Fecteau – U.S. Airforce
He was born 29 Oct 1945 in Rochester, NY and served his country from 1963-1967. One of his vivid memories was Physical Training. (Click his pic for more information)

Frenchy-100Helo LaChapelle
He is a WWII veteran served honorably in both the U.S.Navy and the USAF from 1942-1955. (Click his pic for more information.)

DorthyBrown-100Dorothy Brown – USO Volunteer
She was born in a suburb of Philadelphia 2 Sept 1921 and in her 20’s volunteered to entertain our WWII troops during their R&R (Click his pic for more information)

Bob-Koller-100Robert Koller, Corporal, U.S. Army Korean War Veteran
He enlisted in 1952, completed basic training at Camp Gordon, GA and worked in the x-ray department before leaving for Korea in January 1953. (Click his pic for more information.)

Don-Schlegel-100Donald Schelgel EMS SS U. S. Navy
He was born on August 29, 1937 in the Chicago area with an early life passion to be underwater that led him to serve onboard submarines in the Navy. (Click his pic for more information.)

George-Perrin-100George Perrin Lt. Col. U.S. Army Retired
He was born 15 July 1931 in San Antonio, TX to his mother Bessie and father Elmer Perrin, who had an Air Base dedicated in his name in 1941. (Click his pic for more information.)

Bob-Jensen-100Commander Bob Jensen, USN retired
Bob’s mother saw the impact of WWII and the Korean War on young widows and was opposed to his enlisting. (Click his pic for more information.)

Ed-Highfill-100U.S. Army Sgt Edward Highfill – also a POW
He was born on 27 July 1922. Peanut butter would play an important role in his life. (Click his pic for more information.)

Patrick-Guggino-100Pat Paul Guggino US Navy
He was born in Rochester, NY 19 September 1924 and entered the US Navy 12 March 1943 as a selected volunteer. (Click his pic for more information.)

Ralph-Tingley-100U.S. Navy – Chief Petty Officer Ralph Tingley
He was born on 7 September 1931 in Newark, NJ and served the U.S. Navy as a “Bubblehead” and “Skimmer.” (Click his pic for more information.)

Harry PillotU.S. Army, retired – Harry Pillot
Harry Pillot was born July 2, 1955, in Puerto Rico. He and his wife Sylvia have been married 40 years. They love to spend time with their grand children. (Click his pic for more information.)

Head-100Another Veteran Visited
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